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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Dance Revelation for my child's dance education?

Dance Revelation's goal is to be a leader in dance education. We aim to encourage individuals to be the best dancers they can be. We teach excellence in technique while instilling positive self-esteem and a passion for the arts. Dance Revelation hosts master classes with guest teachers and professional choreographers who teach our students and provide a unique learning experience that is not available at other local dance schools.

What dance genres do you offer?

Dance Revelation offers an entry level program, which features ballet, tap, and hip hop. Once a student reaches age 7, they attend a placement class and may be placed into our Ballet Conservatory, which focuses on ballet, modern, contemporary, jazz, tap, and hip hop.

How are students placed in classes?

Each student is placed in the appropriate level for his or her age and skill level. Entry level students are typically grouped by age. Once a student reaches ages 7+, they are placed based on the skill level appropriate for their dance journey.

Students may also be invited to attend an audition to be company performers. These students may be invited to perform throughout the season at various competitions. During selected seasons we may also offer a Company Performance. Should there be a Company Performance that particular dance season, then certain Company students will perform in the Company Performance. While Dance Revelation’s main focus is not on competition, our company performers do compete. Most Competitions are paired with a convention that allows these dancers to learn from various choreographers from around the country. Our passion is in artistry and technique, and competitions allow students to gain experience performing on various stages.

What are your facilities like?

Dance Revelation offers 3 studio spaces with sprung Marley flooring, full-length mirrors, and stationary ballet barres. We have a state of the art sound system and viewing cameras in two of our studios as well as viewing windows for two of our studios. We offer a main floor lounge area as well as free WIFI to our families. Our waiting room features a play area, right outside of entry level studios, which allows for a family-friendly environment. Located in the Rossmoyne Business Center, our building is tucked away, and we have a locked door system. We also have a parent leader stationed in the lobby to greet parents/students as they enter the studio.

Do you have a dress code?

Entry level students are provided 1 leotard and 1 pair of tights as part of their enrollment. Level 1 (3-4) wears pink leotards and Level 1 (5-7) wears blue leotards. All entry level students wear pink tights. Students in the Ballet Conservatory wear black leotards, also provided with their enrollment fee. Ballet Conservatory students also wear pink tights. All students should wear the Dance Revelation provided attire to class, and additional items are available for sale at a reasonable price. More dress code information can be found under specific program pages.

How does Dance Revelation communicate?

Our parent leaders and the office staff communicate primarily via email, so please make sure that the office always has your most up to date contact information. We send out a monthly newsletter. This contains important details about the upcoming month. Any individual emails sent will pertain particularly to your child, so we ask that you read all information.

Will my child have an opportunity to perform?

We usually have a professional-level performances at the end of our season, typically in spring or early summer. Fees for performing and costumes are included in monthly tuition prices. Students may perform multiple pieces in multiple genres. This information is TBA in the fall. Should we have a season that does not allow us to offer a professional-level performance at a theatre we will offer in-house performances within our building.

What is Dance Revelation's affiliation to Global Awakening?

Dance Revelation is located in the lower level of the Global Awakening office building. Global Awakening was founded by Randy and DeAnne Clark, parents of Johannah Leach, who is the director of Dance Revelation. We are thankful for the use of this space as we are a department within the ministry, and we hold the same core values. You may notice that checks or credit card payments are made out to "ANGA." Dance Revelation is under the umbrella of "ANGA" or the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, which has many departments. We serve the overall mission of reaching the community with love and seeing the lives of students and families transformed.