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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I choose Dance Revelation for my child's dance education?
Dance Revelation's goal is to be a future leader in dance education. We aim to encourage individuals to be the best dancers they can be. We teach excellence in technique while instilling positive self-esteem and a passion for the arts.
Will my child have an opportunity to perform?
We have a professional level annual performance at the end of the fall dance season, typically in spring or early summer. Fees for the Annual Performance are included in monthly tuition prices (with the exception of the Teen/Adult program), and these fees cover the cost of costume, tights, accessories, props, music, choreography, venue, personnel, etc. All students take part in our Annual Performance if their class level performs. More information about our Annual Performance is distributed in the fall.
Do you offer a wide selection of dance styles?
We do offer a wide selection of dance styles. We offer ballet, tap, and hip hop for most levels. We also offer modern, jazz, and contemporary classes for certain students and age groups. Students under age 18 must take a ballet/tap class in order to take an elective such as hip hop. We offer classes for students who wish to attend 1-3 classes a week and for students who wish to attend 5-15 classes a week.

What should my child wear to class?
Please see our dress code page or read our handbook, under downloads, to find out more about attire for classes. We recommend 360 Dance Fitters in Carlisle or Dancer's Pointe in Lemoyne for dance attire.

How are fees paid?
Tuition will be due the first of each month and should be paid online or it can come out automatically each month from your debit/credit or checking account.

How does DR communicate?
The office communicates primarily through email, so please make sure the office always has your most up to date contact information. We use an online newsletter to provide information.

What is your attendance policy?
Any student who is absent for any reason may make up a class by attending another comparable class that is appropriate for their age and skill level.
How are students placed in classes?
DR places students in the appropriate class for their skill level. All students who will be age 7 by September 30th and older must attend a program placement to ensure they are placed in the appropriate level. Students move from our entry level program (Level 1 and Level 2 Ballet/Tap) through our Ballet Conservatory (typically starting around age 8). Our most dedicated dancers may also be invited to join the Company Program.
What is Dance Revelation's affiliation to Global Awakening? What is ANGA?
Dance Revelation is located on the lower level of the Global Awakening office building. Global Awakening was founded by Randy & DeAnne Clark, parents of Johannah Leach, founder of Dance Revelation. We are thankful for the use of this space as we are a department within the ministry, and we hold the same core values as Global Awakening. You may notice that checks for Dance Revelation are made out to "ANGA" and that credit card payments go through under the same name. Dance Revelation is under the umbrella of "ANGA" or the Apostolic Network of Global Awakening, which has many departments. We serve the overall mission of reaching the community with love and seeing the lives of students and families transformed.