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Entry Level 1 (3-6): Level 1 Ballet/Tap (3-6) classes are grouped by age, 3-4 and 5-6. These classes are tailored based on individual ability and experience. Students must be a certain age by November 1st to move to a higher age group. These classes follow a “Leap N Learn” curriculum with a focus on gross motor skills and child development/behavior. We teach manners for dancers, rhythms, patterns, body awareness, stage presence, and confidence. Ballet will teach basic positions and warm-ups as well as movement across the floor. Tap will teach coordinating hand and feet movements while learning basic tap steps. Hip hop is available for students ages 4 and older as an elective, accompanying their ballet/tap class.

Entry Level 1 (7-11): Level 1 Ballet/Tap (7-11) includes two classes, one which focuses on ballet and the other that focuses on jazz/tap. The ballet class focuses on classical ballet technique, teaching basic ballet steps and proper body alignment. The tap/jazz class teaches beginner jazz technique and focuses on tap movements and combinations. Hip hop is available for students 7-11 as an elective, accompanying their ballet and tap/jazz classes.

Entry Level Teen/Adult (12+): Teen/Adult classes are available for students ages 12+. Teen/adult ballet class focuses on barre work, warm-ups, and across the floor movements. It teaches ballet technique in a relaxed environment that provides a solid workout and ballet foundation. Hip hop is available for students 12+ which focuses on a cardio workout featuring warm-ups and choreography with basic hip hop movements, isolations, and combinations.

Should you be interested in joining the Dance Revelation family and would like to know more about our program, please contact us at or call (717) 796-6010.