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  • All students ages 4 – 18 must take a ballet class in order to take additional classes.
  • Receive a 10% discount when paying your full tuition up front!
  • All prices listed below are for the 2017–18 dance season.
  • Family Discount: Each additional child gets 10% off tuition
  • Most tuition prices include performance fees unless stated that the class does not perform.
  • Please note that it is normal for students to stay in these levels for more than one year


Entry Level Classes

Level 1 Ballet/Tap

Level 1 Ballet/Tap is for ages 3-8. Classes are grouped by ages 3-4, 5-6, 7-8 and will be tailored based on individual ability and experience. Students must be a certain age by November 1st to move to a higher age group. These classes teach manners for dancers, rhythms, patterns, body awareness, stage presence, and confidence. Ballet with teach basic positions and warm-ups as well as movement across the floor and in place. Tap will teach coordinating hand and feet movements together while learning basic tap steps.

Level 2 Ballet/Tap

Level 2 Ballet/Tap is for students ages 9-12 who have attended a program placement class. Level 2 ballet/tap fine tunes the students’ technique in ballet and tap. The class will do ballet barre work as well as more advanced tap movements and combinations. This class leads into our Ballet Conservatory.

Pre Ballet

Pre Ballet is for ages 7-12. It is a 45 minute ballet class for the students who want to further their education in classical ballet. Students must take a combination class of ballet and tap in orer to take this class. This class is a prep course to help mold the child’s mind set in a more "serious" and "intense" manner. Pre Ballet will further the child's technique in the basic ballet steps. It will prepare the child to perform each step with proper body alignment. Children must be ready and eager to give full attention during this class. This class was created to help bridge the gap for the children who may want to eventually join the Ballet Conservatory. It will allow the child to dance more than just 45 minutes a week. It will create the understanding and the dedication of coming to dance class more than one day a week. Pre Ballet will focus on their turn out, body alignment, plie, tendu and counting to the rhythm of the music. This class is for building technique. Students in this class will not be learning a dance for the Annual Performance. Their performance dance will be taught during their ballet and tap class not during their Pre Ballet class.

Level 1 Hip Hop

This class, recommended for ages 4–7, will teach your child discipline, self-control, and how to work as a team. The class will start teaching how to isolate different parts of the body. They will learn how to use sharp movement and to hit different positions as well as rhythm.

Level 2 & 3 Hip Hop

These classes are recommended for ages 8–15. Hip Hop will teach sudents how to isolate different parts of the body. Students will learn various hip-hop combinations throughout the year. Students must take the ballet/tap technique class to take Hip Hop. Students will be placed in Hip Hop according to their ballet/tap placement level with skill and age consideration at the discretion of the director.

Teen/Adult Classes

Teen/Adult Modern/Improv

This class, for ages 14 and up sets the foundation for all modern dance experiences, introducing the student to the concept of proper alignment; the ability to demonstrate and synthesize corrections and comments; the basic movements of modern dance (including the correct vocabulary and technique); a knowledge and understanding of the elements of dance-space, time and energy; an understanding of performance and performing; and an understanding of dance as an art form.

Teen/Adult Ballet

This class, for ages 14 and up will offer basic ballet. The ballet will be more on a basic level but at a quicker pace. Students will learn technique in a relaxed environment and get a great work out too.

Does not include performance fee. This class does not perform in the Annual Performance.

Teen/Adult Hip Hop

This class, for ages 16 and up, will offer a cardio work out to get the heart rate up. We will have a set hip hop warm up. The basic hip hop steps will be broken down while teaching how to isolate different body parts. With up beat music and fun combinations, this class will help you burn calories and leave with a positive attitude. Choreography will be basic in the beginning and progress as the year goes on.

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