Dress Code

Dress Code

Shopping for attire

  • Dancer's Pointe in Lemoyne
  • 360 Dance Fitters in Carlisle
  • DiscountDance.com (online)

All dress code descriptions below are for our 2016-17 dance season.

Level 1 Ballet/Tap

Dancers must wear a short sleeve or long sleeve pink leotard with pink ballet tights, pink ballet shoes (please cut excess strings from laces), and black tap shoes (please get buckles or elastic to fasten the shoes, no ties please). The child’s name should be printed in each shoe. If ties are not removed by the first class, teachers will cut them due to them being a distraction at this age. Examples of a leotard appropriate for this class include:




Level 2 Ballet/Tap

Black leotard (no skirts attached), pink ballet tights. Flat canvas ballet shoes: Bloch Zenith Flat Canvas. Must be purchased 2 sizes smaller than street shoes. Tan Tap shoes that lace up with laces. Tap shoe brands include: Capezio, Dance Now Girls, Bloch, Sansha.

Level 1 Hip Hop:

Shorts, t-shirt, sneakers with clean soles.

Level 2–5 Adult Hip Hop

Workout type clothing, loose fitting/comfortable and clean sole sneakers.

Open Ballet/Modern/Tap

Black leotard (no skirts attached), pink ballet tights. Pink ballet shoes (canvas or leather). Flat ballet shoe brands include: Bloch, Capezio, Sansha, Leo’s, Body Wrapper’s, Mirella, Grishko. Black tap shoes with lace-up laces (tap shoe that laces up like a sneaker). Black tap shoe brands include: Capezio, Dance Now Girls, Bloch.

Teen/Adult Ballet/Modern

Form fitting clothes, and for ballet: pink ballet shoes (Flat, Canvas or Leather). Brands for ballet shoes include: Bloch, Capezio, Sansha, Leo's, Body Wrapper's, Mirella, and Grishko.

All male students must wear:

  • White ballet shoes with white elastic securely sewn
  • White socks
  • Beginner levels may wear shorts; as you progress you must switch to black pants.
  • Fitted white t-shirt

For Ballet Conservatory dress code, please see the Ballet Conservatory page.

For more information, please see our School Philosophy here »