Streaming Dance Lessons

Dance Revelation offers digital classes, both live through Zoom and pre-recorded through a private YouTube playlist.

Zoom is an online virtual meeting. This way, our teachers can interact with dancers as if they were in the studio, but in the comfort of your own home!

We have listed below the tuition price for the Zoom classes.

Entry Level Live (Ages 3-7) -
Set monthly price of $49

BCDR Live (Ages 8+ with at least 1 year of dance experience) -
Set monthly price for A level students (7 classes a week): $149
Set monthly price for B-E level students (8 classes a week): $169

Teen/Adult Live (Ages 13+) -
Set monthly price for Teen/Adult HH students (1 class a week): $19

To enroll go to the following webpage: https://dancerevelation.com/pay-online-register/8-general/112-pay-online
Follow the payment steps and in the “comment” section state your child’s date of birth and previous dance experience.

 Click here to view the most recent schedule of classes we are offering via Zoom, starting on April 4.