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  • "Each of you played some part in my daughter's enjoyment this year at DRS and we are grateful! My grandfather has long loved the arts and holds a high standard, and said he was very pleased and found it all "rather professional". That meant the world to me, and I hope it puts a feather in y'alls hat too. You made me smile, cry and clap with all my might. Job well done, ladies!" - Pre School Parent 

  • "This was our 1st annual performance. Our 3 kids were all in Friday's performance and I didn't want it to end! Next year, we are getting tickets for BOTH nights! What absolutely AMAZING performances!! We loved every minute!! Congrats to all the wonderful teachers and all the great students!!"
    - Pre School Parent 

  • "My heartfelt thanks to you and your awesome staff at DRS for all you do. The love, support, encouragement, and dedication are unsurpassed. My daughter is grateful for DRS...it is the perfect fit for her. She treasures the friendships, and the growth as a dancer...as she follows her passion and chases her dreams. Only God knows where this will lead her." - BCDR Parent 

  • "I also wanted to let you know how happy we are with Dance Revelation and the staff. So, thank you for all your work and leadership in creating a great environment for all of the dancers who walk through your doors!" - Pre School Parent 

  • We thought the annual performance was amazing. Innovative, interesting choreography. Creative costuming and very professional overall. Really impressed! 

  • I want to thank you and your wonderful staff. My daughter truly loves to dance. I am so happy that she is a part of Dance Revelation. 

  • I’d like to say that the Annual Performance was quite a show! This is our first experience with dance and we have been so impressed and thankful for the staff’s hard work and dedication. Our daughter had so much fun. She can’t stop telling everyone how she “danced on the big stage!” 

  • I feel like I have not done enough for all you have done for my daughter. It means the world to me she is able to keep dancing! You all inspire me so much! 

  • This is directed to the staff and entire organization of Dance Revelation. My wife and I have commented many times that the values you instill in these young women and girls is a generous gift to them. 

  • Not only did we find, in Dance Revelation, exactly what we hoped for...we found much more! 

  • My daughter went on a ballet/tap audition this weekend. She even knew the names of the steps that they were talking about and last year she couldn’t even get past the tap auditions. The director even approached asked about her dance studio. We wanted you to know how much her dance instruction is really making a huge difference. 

  • My daughter loved her first dance class. At every opportunity, she showed people that she learned to walk on her tip toes. Wish I had a dollar for every time she said 'watch this!' 

  • The instructor last night in my daughter's class did a job well done. She worked those girls. They definitely got a work out.

  • I never got a chance to send an email to you guys to tell you how thankful we are for everything this year. From the amazing competition and dance pieces that my daughter gets to do. I have seen some great things since we started dancing here, but this year has been the best. 

  • Amazing how all her teachers made her feel so special this week. No studio has ever even cared. We have never been to such a warm studio that truly makes my daughter smile so much (she begs me to arrive so early just to see her friends before class). The teachers really care and it is so much more than dance. 

  • The attention to detail and a high quality performance is not achieved without a lot of hard work throughout the year. Thanks for all you do!