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  • My daughter loved her first dance class. At every opportunity, she showed people that she learned to walk on her tip toes. Wish I had a dollar for every time she said 'watch this!' 

  • The attention to detail and a high quality performance is not achieved without a lot of hard work throughout the year. Thanks for all you do! 

  • Not only did we find, in Dance Revelation, exactly what we hoped for...we found much more! 

  • The instructor last night in my daughter's class did a job well done. She worked those girls. They definitely got a work out. 

  • The annual performance was wonderful. My daughter danced all day this weekend (and I mean all day) and she has been telling everyone she has decided to take dance again. 

  • I want to thank you and your wonderful staff. My daughter truly loves to dance. I am so happy that she is apart of Dance Revelation. 

  • We thought the annual performance was amazing. Innovative, interesting choreography. Creative costuming and very professional overall. Really impressed! 

  • Each year we bring guests [to the Annual Performance] who exclaim, 'This is incredible! I had no idea it would be this professional!' 

  • The teachers and staff are #1, which is what will keep us at DRS for years to come! The teachers and staff are not only excellent dance teachers but people as well. I feel so comfortable and thankful to have them in my young daughters' lives as beautiful role models. 

  • For everyone that told us all the hard work, money, practice, emails, planning, preparing, etc. that goes into being on the competition team is all worth it... Today, my family learned and felt exactly what they meant. 

  • We love how the instructors of our studio are so innovative and creative. Furthermore, there is so much art behind the performances and every performance tells a story. 

  • So funny, after an exhausting day of fun and dancing... My daughter is in the living room performing her dances for us... She can't get enough! 

  • As a dad, I am so thrilled that my daughter has such great mentors and role models. I am just proud that I get to have that association with DRS. Keep up the great work. 

  • Congratulations on an spectacular show! We were all thrilled. My daughter said after the show ... 'I think this was the best day of my life! No, the day I was born was the best day'. So dance recital was a close 2nd.