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History of Dance Revelation: 

Fourteen years ago, Dance Revelation was founded to create a place for children, teens, and adults to come together to receive quality dance education. Not only did we desire to provide excellent dance instruction, but we wanted to create an environment that was full of love, encouragement, hope, and respect. We have seen alumni graduate and go on to follow their dreams and be successful in their chosen fields. Some alumni have studied and graduated in dance at universities such as Pointe Park University or professional training programs such as NYC Joffrey. Others have gone on to have success in the medical field and business field. Whether your child dreams to be a part of dance for most of their life or they know their training in dance will end after DR, we know that our culture, curriculum, and value system will help launch your child into whatever comes next.

Vision & Future of Dance Revelation: 

We plan to have an In-House Winter & Spring Show as we did during the 2020-21 season. We had wonderful feedback from this season's in-house shows & we were very pleased with them too! However, should we be able to offer our Spring Show at a out-of-house location, instead of it being in-house, we will be certain to inform you. If this is the case, our goal would be to keep expenses low – including ticket prices and costume expenses.

In addition to the In-House shows, we will be offering another performance experience. We wanted to create a way for all BCDR students to perform on a stage outside of the DR walls, so we are going to take all of BCDR to one competition to perform the Spring Show's BCDR Ballet. Performing at a competition costs $55-$60 a performer. There are no ticket fees and typically there is not a limit to how many people/guests can view the performance. The BCDR Ballet will perform at 1 of the 3 competitions. The competition that the BCDR Ballet performs at will be local (we can usually attend a more local competition in a location like Lancaster or Hershey). With this news, we ask everyone who is 7+ to attend Program Placement (during week 2 of our August summer session). Students will receive their placement letters at our Open House on August 19th. Should a student receive placement in BCDR ballet, then you can rest assured they will also be placed in the Company Program as a performer in the ballet piece. The first piece students can perform in with Company is the BCDR Ballet. Should your child make other Company Performer opportunities and be placed in additional pieces, that will be stated in their Company letter. Students do NOT have to commit to all pieces they are placed in for Company but they DO need to commit to the order in which they receive a placement. Example below:

  1. BCDR Ballet
  2. JR Modern
  3. JR Jazz
  4. Solo

Students must take option 1 "BCDR Ballet" to commit to option 2 "JR Modern" and so on. For students who are ages 4-6 years old, we ask you to attend Company Auditions. Should we invite you to be a Company Performer but you are NOT a part of the BCDR program then you would be able to perform at 1 competition. Your child would perform a different piece & would not perform in the BCDR ballet. You would attend 1 competition that is local (same as the BCDR ballet's Competition). This past season we had a wonderful turnout of interest from the 4-6 year old age group!