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Dance Revelation’s Company Performance expresses the 18-19 season’s concept through the art of dance. The Company Program contains Company Performers who are cast in this performance. We invite members of the Dance Revelation family and community alike to enjoy the artistic expression of our Company dancers.

The Company Performance will be showcased during the Pre Show of The Annual Performance.


Annual Performances

April 16 and 17, 2019

6:00 PM - Pre Show

6:30 PM - Main Show


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Acknowledgement — Journey — The Revelation

It is an adventure to discover who you are, who you were created to be, and how you can live out your life as the best version of yourself. Your true identity is something that is different than anyone else’s. It’s what makes you, you. Each of us is unique. Each of us possesses a creative and particular purpose. Discovering who we are most often takes time. It’s not easy. Life makes it difficult for us to realize who we really are, but at the same time life gives us an opportunity to embrace this adventure and become better versions of ourselves. Realizing our own potential and finding our true self-worth is powerful. It’s a realization that not only affects our own lives but also improves the lives of others around us.

As a studio, we decided to dedicated this year to help our students better discover who they are and who they are created to be. This became our year’s theme and the title of 2018-2019’s performance.

Our Identity performance will be explored in three different areas: “Acknowledgement,” “Journey," “The Revelation.”


Acknowledge where you are mentally, emotionally, and physically. What areas are you thriving in? What areas are vague? You can choose to take a deeper look. Take another step to discover what the issues are. Who are you created to be? Have the hardships of life made it difficult for you to act a certain way that does not really feel like you? Has it influenced the way you think and the way you feel about yourself and others around you? What ways of thinking do you want to be set free from? How can you become a healthier, truer version of you? What does the pure state of you look like? No filters. No gimmicks. Just you. Go to a place where it’s just you and God. Just you and The Father, the one who loved you from the start and the one who still loves you unconditionally today. What is God’s heart for you? Do you really know? This is the only place to start. God’s love for us is the source from which our dreams, desires, and future comes from. God intends for us to know and be known by Him. His original intent is the setting for the Garden of Eden. It’s a place where there is no separation between you and The One who created You. God sent His only Son, Jesus to restore this and reestablish His relationship with us with no borders or boundaries. We are sons and daughters. We must first realize this truth.


What does your journey look like? Are you taking the path most traveled by others without considering how it may affect you? Are you being honest with yourself? Are you on the right path for you? Should you go a different direction? Should you take the road less travelled? There is an adventure waiting for you.

The road that you may need to take can feel lonely at first. The unknown is uncomfortable. At times going against the crowd feels unnatural. The greater of the universe walked in our shoes. He became flesh and bone. He faced the same circumstances we face as human beings.

Anxiety, depression, fear, anger, and loneliness were all things that Jesus faced. The voice of His father was louder than the voice of these. He chose to believe the truth about how The Father saw him and made a way for us to do the same. His truth is more powerful than the lies. The truth is...God LOVES us! Through Jesus’s becoming us, going to the cross, and conquering death we now have the opportunity to live free from the lies. Lies that say: “We aren’t good enough;” “We’re alone;” “Our life has no real purpose;” “We will never be free of depression;” “Anxiety can rule over our lives;” “Addictions can never be broken.” His love for us brings us from a state of being loss to being found. God is the one who always loves us and never leaves us. Believing this is the start of a wonderful journey. The journey to discover who we really are. We are sons and daughters. We can rest assure that we have access to the Father and His love through Jesus.

This adventure is meant to be enjoyed. The more we believe this, the more we realize how much God loves us. It’s not on our own efforts to striving to believe either. At times we just open our hearts up to Him and we find ourselves overwhelmed with love. Love that is uncreated and unfiltered. A love that loved us before the foundations of this earth. God is alive and longs to meet with us right where we are no matter the situation or circumstance. We don’t have to do this alone. We are here to strengthen each other. Share your journey with each other and remember to remind each other of who God says we are. Remember what love looks, feels, and acts like. Just one touch of His love brings change. He is the one who will always love. Love paves the way. Let go and let love. When we chose to love each other we feel the love of God. Know that God can work through your life to help others around you.

The Revelation

There comes a time where the belief that God loves you becomes so established in our lives that no matter what life throws at you this faith cannot be shaken. You care more about what God thinks of you than what the world thinks of you. This is powerful. A full revelation of the love of God and that we are sons and daughters launches us into our full potential and who He created us to be. All of us have unique callings and destinies. Each of our futures are different and incredible! This revelation changes our life and everyone else around us. This influences how we speak, how we see others, how we go to school everyday, how we act at work everyday. He is the light of the world and this light of the world shines on us so that others discover how much God loves them. His light will guide you, ignite you, and empower you for life’s journey. We were made to shine.