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About Us

Dance Revelation seeks to place each student in the level that is best for him or her. There is no set path at Dance Revelation, and we encourage each student to be proud of what he or she has accomplished throughout the year and his or her dance career.

At Dance Revelation we offer an entry level program with classes for students from 3–11 years old. Students move through Level 1 Ballet/Tap (ages 3–4, 5–6, and 7–11) to our Ballet Conservatory typically around ages 8–10 years old.

Our Ballet Conservatory of Dance Revelation (BCDR) excels students in an environment that demands excellence and commitment. We believe that the more ballet classes a student takes, the faster he or she will excel. We also believe that learning other types of genres such as jazz, tap, and modern creates a well rounded dancer. We have witnessed this to be true, that the more classes a student takes promotes responsibility, dedication, and hard work. Our BCDR program allows staff to work with students to focus on the areas they are excelling in, partnering with them to see the maximum growth possible.

Some BCDR students may be selected to be in our Company Program. This program offers three levels: Trainee, Pre-Professional and Professional. The Trainee class focuses on technique/movement quality growth, they do not perform at any competitions. Pre-Professional and Professional classes focus on technique/performance quality growth and have the opportunity to perform at up to three competitions in the spring (understudy options are available for select students). Also, select students will have the opportunity to perform at the Company Performance.

Please note that it is rare for a student to move up a level every year or even every two or three years. It is possible for a student to progress more quickly, but each student is assessed and placed into the appropriate level each year. To progress more quickly, your child may look into summer programs, both at DR and outside of our school.

As students get older, they may be invited to be in our Student Leadership Program, assisting with younger classes and leading by serving DR as a whole. Students are selected as needed based on their shown dedication, commitment, and responsibility.

Dance Revelation supports all local arts in the area. We truly want each family to be on board with our philosophy and continue dancing, no matter where their journey takes them. We hope you have found your home at Dance Revelation.

For more information, please download the 2018–19 DR Handbook »